Cleaning the House – MAI – A Recommendation

I wholeheartedly want to recommend this wonderful offering to all and everyone who may be interested:

Cleaning the House by Marina Abramovic Institute

I participated in this workshop this May 2019 and am well impressed by the work these guys do as well as how they do it. During the retreat, my sense of time shifted completely, away from a linear “one-moment-leads-to-the-next” perception to a more “eternal” perception along the lines of “there is only now and this present moment is eternal, only moment there’ll every be.”

This shift in perception brought with it a radical shift also in the way I experienced and sensed myself, my body, my environment and the beings in it. It was a beautiful experience and at the same time a stark reminder how little of my sensuous being I actually engage on a daily basis / in daily life – and how little my sensuous being is sought out and engaged by the digital, fast-paced, technologised lifestyle that’s pushed upon us as desirable progress.

Not to diss that whole world, just to say that I was painfully and poetically reminded of just how much value/aliveness I leave on the table there as human being.

Time (patience, slowness) and time perception (endurance, presence) seem to be critical factors in shifting the experience of self as well as accessing certain potentials within ourselves which remain inaccessible in a more rushed state of mind.

At the same time, the exploration of perceived limits (physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual) through the juxtaposition of my ideas of my limits vs an actual experimentation with my limits was another eye-opening factor that further shifted my experience of self.

I will start to integrate some of the learnings, insights and practices in my own work, including more experiential aspects and formats and hopefully through that will be able to share first glimpse of this with my circle, our clients, any anyone else who may be interested in due time.

Still I want to wholeheartedly encourage you to check out this workshop, its methods, its philosophy, and its people – and maybe even experience it for yourself.


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