Unfolding unique potential

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the art and science of successfully supporting individuals, teams, and organisations in their sustainable, holistic development.

The aim of coaching is to guide clients through the discovery and development of their own potentials in order to enable them to generate their own answers to the challenges in their lives, teams, and organisations.

Coaching strengthens your being in the world, increases self-knowledge, independence and ultimately cultivates positive freedom – the ability to express your full potentials actively and authentically in all aspects of your life.

Positive Freedom

How does Coaching work?

Coaching uses dialogue, introspection and reflection, experimentation, and intervention to help you order the contents of your mind so as to gain clarity, recognise and access the contents of your heart so as to deepen authentic intuition, and transcend limiting behaviours so as to develop new, positive habits and practices.

Coaching is purpose-driven. This means that the focus is always on your development, rather than on delving in the past and dwelling on fears and failures. This is not to say that coaching doesn’t explore such elements as well, however, it does so with the purpose of helping you transform and develop – in other words, if you engage in coaching, you need to be ready to change.

Usually coaching happens in a 1-to-1 conversational setting, however it is not limited to that. It all depends on the person being coached and what their needs and aims are at any point in time.


Who can benefit from Coaching?

Coaching can be beneficial to individuals, teams, and entire organisations alike. Whether it is about overcoming hindering mental and behavioural patterns, achieving long-standing personal goals, improving leadership and group dynamics in a team, or developing an entrepreneurial culture in an organisation, coaching can help. 

Coaching doesn’t make the changes for you. Instead, it enables you and supports you in making the necessary changes yourself. So if you want to benefit from coaching, you will have to be ready to embrace change and work for it. This may seem scary at first, but as the saying goes, the magic is on the other side of your fear. What this also means is that any coaching engagement, regardless of its agenda, will ultimately develop your self-leadership skills as well as your ability to self-reflect and self-correct.

In short, wherever the need or opportunity for positive transformation arises and the willingness to embrace this transformation is given, coaching can be the methodology with which to achieve it. 



What is Integrative Coaching?

Integrative Coaching is a unique approach to coaching that focuses on clients’ holistic development by addressing their complete way of being in the world.

It draws from many different schools of thought on development, including systemic coaching, integral studies, humanist psychology, as well as a plethora of insights from the world’s wisdom traditions.

Integrative Coaching integrates different approaches to change into a holistic and coherent methodology. It explores the inner world as well as the outer, generates insights into held attitudes, motivations, and beliefs, examines and addresses habits and behaviours, disrupts and restructures relationship dynamics, and tackles the requirements for transformation in a client’s surrounding.

In other words, Integrative Coaching will accompany you on a journey of transformation that leaves no stones unturned; be that in your mind, heart, body, relationships or surrounding. 

At the heart of Integrative Coaching stands an authentic, present, mindful, and fully enabled you.