So you want to join the family?

Welcome to East London Capoeira. We are more than a group – we are a family.

Join us and learn the art of Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of fight, dance, and play. Build strength and agility and set your spirit free.

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is about liberation and the joy of living. Want to learn more? Join us for free classes with Mestre Fantasma every Saturday from 4-6pm at Forest Road Youth Club, Hackney E8 3BY and see for yourself.

Who is Mestre Fantasma?

I became interested in capoeira the first time I saw it. It was as if one great long search had come to an end and another was about to start. I had become interested in fighting arts when I was 19 when living alone in Newcastle-upon-Tyne it became more important to stand up for myself. I was a weak, skinny individual that lacked confidence, stuttered and had eczema. Within two weeks of training with a Karate master, I stopped stuttering, lost the eczema, and felt I had found something that could help me turn my life around. The training was hard and I soon learnt how to fight. I won a few competitions and became interested in all traditional fighting arts. I saved money to go to Asia but then saw capoeira…

Who can join?

Capoeira is for everyone and everyone is welcome. Young or old, boy or girl – if you have the desire and will to learn – you are welcome to join us.


Wednesdays, 18-20h
Haggerston Community Centre
E8 4FF, Hackney

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